It's Not About The Desk

But yes, we’ve got desks

CoWorking Knoxville

It’s About Creating an Ecosystem

Bringing something from an inkling to a successful creation is not a simple snap of the fingers. CoWorking Knoxville provides an entire web of resources for you to make that transformation, more than just a shared office space.
An environment where you feel supported is critical to achieving your true long-term max potential. CoWorking Knoxville is that welcoming hearth for you.
In the end, it’s all about the results. From renting meeting space to collaborate, to leasing office space to just grind things out, to zoning in at an open desk, CoWorking Knoxville is the right place for you to post up to GSD.
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Reception Area at Shared Office
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Kitchen Booth in Coworking Space


The old cliche is: "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Well, we're tipping those odds into your favor.

We're opening doors to connect and empower others. We help close the divide between idea and impact.


We're focused on building a strong community in Knoxville that becomes a self-replicating business machine.

We want Knoxville to become the envy of our region (heck, our nation) as an epicenter of entrepreneurial innovation.

By combining resources with know-how and baking it with passion and drive, we know we'll create a wonderful world together, right here in the foothills of the Smokies and the banks of the mighty Tennessee River.


We know it's not all about money, but the number one reason a business fails is from a lack of capital.

We don't want to see great and valuable business ideas fizzle out because they're unable to fully takeoff before exceeding their runway.

Because of this, we're constantly developing connections in Knoxville with those folks and entities that have the capital and want to put it to use in a Knoxville business.

Centrally Located In Knoxville

While Knoxville has a bounty of great places to set up shop, we opted to open the flagship CoWorking Knoxville in the increasingly amazing Bearden / Homberg area of town in the Bearden Technology Suites building.

Fast Internet
Free Parking
Free Coffee
Free Printing

Meeting Spaces

Two Versatile Options

Note: In order to book one of our conference/meeting rooms, you are required to be an approved and current monthly member of CoWorking Knoxville (but your guests do not). Varying amounts of free time are included in most CoWorking Knoxville memberships.

6-Person Conference Room

Need a space to hold your next monthly meeting or brainstorming session? Our 6-Person Conference Room is perfect for just that! Featuring a 72" flat-screen HDTV that's perfect for displaying PowerPoints and mockups. Plus, the large glass "whiteboard" makes for the perfect medium to channel on-the-fly thoughts.

10-Person Conference Room

Looking to impress your prospective investors or clients? Book the 10-Person Conference Room at our Bearden Technology Suites location. This meeting room comfortably fits a large group and is perfect for pitches or small training sessions. The 72" HDTV will make your presentations and videos look stunning.


The CoWorking Knoxville office is open Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM for Tours. Access for Members is 24/7.


$199 / Month

  • Includes Community Membership
  • 12 workdays/month
  • 8am - 5pm M-F Access
  • 3 Proximity Network Passes
  • 2 hours conf. room / mo


$299 / Month

  • Includes Community Membership
  • Unlimited Days
  • 24/7 Access
  • 3 Proximity Network Passes
  • 4 hours conf. room / mo

Private Office

$699 Starting @

  • Includes Community Membership
  • Unlimited Days
  • 24/7 Access
  • 3 Proximity Network Passes
  • 10 hours conf. room / mo

The Proximity Network

Since CoWorking Knoxville uses Proximity Space to manage our space, all of our members that pay $99 a month or more get three Proximity Network Guest Passes per month.

That means if you find yourself in a city that is also a part of the Proximity Network, you can post up there FOR FREE (and it doesn't count against your day counts at CWK). Pretty sweet, eh?

Click here to check out the Proximity Network Map